Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Whainga ako: understand in-depth what you are reading about.

-know what new words mean - find the meanings in a dictionary is you are unsure what words mean.
-re-read sentences to make sense of what you are reading.
-work with a buddy.

Answer to questions below - remember the answers are all in your book.

Pg 20: What is the meaning of “haywire”?
Not going great ,out of control

Write 3 things that happened in the beginning of this story?

wiri talks about  Hahi ratana badge ,wiri gets ready,wiri sews his button on his jersey.

What were these whanau doing in the story?
the whanau was crying and nanna p was smiling

Why was the story named after Nanna P?
Because Nanna.P shared her love of music with everyone

What was your favourite part of this story? WHY?

my favourite part of  the story was the end of the story the end because when nanna p showed her big smile.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Whainga ako: Writing a story about Tonga


I think that Tonga is a tropical Island.It would feel like a spa pool but not wet.I could taste the juicy mangos picked right off the tree.I can smell the salty air from big beautiful big blue sea.I can just Imagen what it would be like to dig my feet in the warm sand.