Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Whainga ako: understand in-depth what you are reading about.

-know what new words mean - find the meanings in a dictionary is you are unsure what words mean.
-re-read sentences to make sense of what you are reading.
-work with a buddy.

Answer to questions below - remember the answers are all in your book.

Pg 20: What is the meaning of “haywire”?
Not going great ,out of control

Write 3 things that happened in the beginning of this story?

wiri talks about  Hahi ratana badge ,wiri gets ready,wiri sews his button on his jersey.

What were these whanau doing in the story?
the whanau was crying and nanna p was smiling

Why was the story named after Nanna P?
Because Nanna.P shared her love of music with everyone

What was your favourite part of this story? WHY?

my favourite part of  the story was the end of the story the end because when nanna p showed her big smile.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Whainga ako: Writing a story about Tonga


I think that Tonga is a tropical Island.It would feel like a spa pool but not wet.I could taste the juicy mangos picked right off the tree.I can smell the salty air from big beautiful big blue sea.I can just Imagen what it would be like to dig my feet in the warm sand.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Whainga ako: write a description about rain.


Rain is loud painful and sometimes calm . When it falls it falls like a sprinting river and like your dropping rocks .Rain tastes like bottled water which is fresh.Rain looks like sweat but there is a difference rain is cold and sweat is hot.

We doing this to get more describing words in our writing.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Whainga ako write a peace of writing with a cool title

Crashing cable bay

One hot sunny Saturday my whanau decided to go to the beach for a treat.
Everyone jump in the car then off we went. “Are we there whispered my brother” everyone said “ no we are not there” How long will it take he grumbled in a small voice. We  arrived at the beach  “YES" we are here”We had a long look at the beach it was crowded with people “ There are heaps of people here” I told my dad he replied “ well we have to put up with it”.

Everyone had their swimming clothes underneath their dry clothes. “ LETS GO FOR A SWIM” my brother yelled my dad yelled “STOP we need to go over the rules” Na It just what to go for a swim my brother said . As soon as dad had finished telling us the last rule he said “ OK lets go for a swim now”. We sprinted to the water the waves were humongous  and really high “Let’s jump in WO this is freezing”. We swam under the huge waves and got bowled over from some of the waves it was so cool.

“Come back in kids it’s time for lunch we sprinted back up and we to the dairy across the road.” mum can I get a pie ” she replied yes you can  after this we are going home.”Are you finished”
yes we are “come on let’s get you dry clothes on. It’s time to go home now let’s go  “ Wait I have to take a photo of the beach”. Now it is time to go home.   

Whainga ako: Make a presentation named Gallipoli today

Whainga ako: Write 6 goals to Achieve

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The beach

One sunny Saturday morning my family and I went to oponoi because it was an activity from church it was called helping hands. everybody had to pick up rubbish on the beach even the dran. “Ew”  I yelled all the rubbish was dripping from the bag. While we picked up the rubbish we got an lollipop when we were at the end “ that that was hard” I said a tiny tiny tiny voice. later on we had fish , chips , sausages , fish bites “mm that was yum”.

“Lets go for a swim now” all the children hopped in the togs. Everybody went to the wharf it was scary I started at the bottom my younger brother Cody pushed me off.After i got newest to the bottom I started to jump of the top my dad pushed  me off the top I screamed my moth off.