Friday, 1 August 2014

show don't tell

PURPOSE to describe

WALT show not tell in our writing

last week we were doing show don't tell can you guess what emotion this character is feeling
last week we were learning how to show a emotion with out telling the adonis  
next time I should do better at writhing more 
what I think I done well was describing what the character felt like

She bit her fingernails as she was frozen like a statue she started to curl into a tiny little table tennis ball .With her lips glued together.Thinking of what will happen when she gets out of this huge mess….   


  1. Lerisah-Joe what an excellent description of how your character is feeling without telling us. I really liked the scary music you have in the background, makes me feel even more scared. Don't forget to add some information when you add a post like... what we were doing, what you think you did well, what you could do better and the WALT. I think you used awesome expression too! Ka mau te wehi!

  2. Hey Lerisah, what a wonderful description. I really liked the music in the background. I also like the descriptive words. Next time I think you should speak up a little bit more. Besides that ka mau te wehi koteroa.

  3. Nice writing Lerisah-Joe. Maybe next time you can use a different font.

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  5. Nice font lerisha-joe and it shows how you felt

  6. Great description Lerisah-Joe.

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