Friday, 16 May 2014

Bio poem

                                Bio poem 

Loves being happy,joyful and having fun
The daughter of Manga and Lilian.
Loves playing on the chromebook and coming to school.                                                          
sometimes feels Joyful,happiness,Thankful.
Is scared of  Homework,brothers,huge trees  
Really wants to be famous at singing.
Want to helps people  in the world
lives in Kaikohe.

Thinks that TUNA ROCKS!!!


  1. Great work on your BIO poem Lerisah-Joe. I don't just think tuna rocks though, I KNOW it!!! Maybe next time you should change the colour of your writing or your background so it is easier to read. But great job!!!

  2. Hey Lerisah, your poem is really cool. I'm afraid of homework as well. Plus I like to play on my Chromebook too. P.S. I think that WETA is better than Tuna!!!!!

  3. I'm afraid of home work as well and I think WETA is better.